Past Events

May 30-30
Meeting with Juliane von Reppert-Bismarck, Executive Director & Founder of The Lie Detectors
June 10-10
Johannes Voltri: „How Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania counter Russian disinfo? Comparing approaches”
May 23-23
Webinar | Stay sharp during elections – How cognitive biases and media influence our decisions
April 24
Diana Poudel’s public lecture “Empowering communities to foster media literacy and combat disinformation”
April 22
Public lecture „Beyond disinformation: from problematic content to manipulative behaviour“
April 17
BECID’s One-Year Overview and Future Plans Webinar
February 29
A Public Lecture by Nathalie Van Raemdonck on Social Media Architectures
University of Tartu/Zoom
February 22-22
Public lecture „Advancing the digital media literacies of the youth: pracademic approaches“
February 14-14
A Public Lecture by Victor Wiard on Unveiling Info-Democratic Disorders in Media Reception
University of Tartu/Zoom
January 30
Media Freedom: Perspective from Estonia, the Netherlands, and Italy
January 10-10
4th BaltsTeachMil Zoominar: Media Literacy Best Practices
December 12
Seminar on Media Literacy and Cognitive Aspects In the Age of AI
Valmiera, Tērbatas Street 16A
November 27
3rd BaltsTeachMIL Zoominar: Helping Children Navigate the Tsunami of Misinformation
November 24-25
Digitally Together! Youth Training for Latvian Students
November 16
Digitally Together! Project Launch Event
October 19-19
2nd BaltsTeachMIL Zoominar: Fact-Checking Masterclass
October 27-28
Conference “Democratic Resistance and Resilience: the challenges and solutions for free media”
Vilnius, Lithuania