November 24-25
Digitally Together! Youth Training for Latvian Students

Digitally Together! Youth Training for Latvian Students

November 24th and 25th will witness BCME hosting a dedicated training session for students. Aimed at arming the youth with essential skills, the training will enable them to adeptly guide and assist elderly family members or community folks in navigating the digital world and interpreting media.

Registration for the training:

The training will be conducted in the Latvian language.


“Digitally Together!” is a BCME’s Pioneering Project Fosters Intergenerational Connection Through Digital and Media Literacy.

The Baltic Centre for Media Excellence (BCME) is on the brink of launching an inspiring initiative, “Digitally together!”. Developed within the framework of the Baltic Engagement Centre for Combating Information Disorders (BECID), in cooperation with Society Integration Fund, this project emphasizes intergenerational cooperation in digital skills and media literacy. It’s a significant step toward uniting the young and elderly, bolstering their digital prowess, and forging deep-rooted intergenerational bonds.

In addition to the training, we also welcome you to participate:

  • Project Launch Event that will take place on November 16th, from 14:00 to 15:30. During this online event, we will not only shed light on the project’s objectives and ensuing activities but also spotlight best practices emanating from the Baltic region.
  • Intergenerational Cooperation Forum in Riga that takes place on December 14th, Riga will be abuzz with the Intergenerational Cooperation Forum. Expected to be a melting pot of ideas and lived experiences, this event will offer experts and project participants a dais to explore the vast horizons of intergenerational cooperation. Insights from sterling practices across the Baltic States will further underscore the enriching outcome when youngsters and seniors collaboratively delve into digital and media literacy topics.

WP 4, task 4.3 (Training the elderly according to the Digimentor model)