November 27
3rd BaltsTeachMIL Zoominar: Helping Children Navigate the Tsunami of Misinformation

3rd BaltsTeachMIL Zoominar: Helping Children Navigate the Tsunami of Misinformation

We invite educators to a webinar on 27 November from 15.00-16.30, led by experts, on what teachers should consider when dealing with misinformation, shocking visuals and sensitive issues in the classroom. The seminar is free of charge and in Estonian! 

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Main topics of the meeting: 

💡 The impact of misinformation on social media on children and how teachers can support young people. 

💡 Practical suggestions for dealing with highly sensitive topics in the classroom. 

💡 Ethical and legal constraints on reporting and commenting on highly sensitive issues in the media. 

💡 How to identify warning signs on social media that a young person is distressed and/or considering suicide? How to intervene? 


Webinar timetable 

👉 15.00-15.45 – Presentation by Maria Murumaa-Mengel, Associate Professor of Media Studies, University of Tartu, on coping with stress and the role of teachers in supporting young people (from a media and information studies perspective). 

👉15.45-16.15 – Discussion and question and answer session in Estonian led by experts: police social media spokesperson Maarja Punak, mental health expert and experience counsellor Heli Luik from and Associate Professor of Media Studies Maria Murumaa-Mengel from the University of Tartu. 

👉16.15-16.30 – Questions and answers, free discussion. 


The webinar is hosted by the Baltic Engagement Centre for Combating Information Disorders, providing an important platform for educators to develop essential skills and gain fresh knowledge to support young people in challenging times. 


WP 4, task 4.1 (Developing teacher’s media competencies via providing updated training programs)