Rinkevics received a real award in Ukraine

(Source: Ilmars Znotins, Valsts prezidenta kanceleja)

Karlis Arajs, Delfi national news editor

Published on 29th of November, 2023.

Fact check: Rinkevics received a real award in Ukraine

President of Latvia Edgars Rinkevics recently visited Ukraine, where, among other activities, he was honored with an award from public organizations. Russian propaganda channels have attempted to distort this event, asserting that Rinkevics received a “false award.” However, “Delfi” contacted the Latvian embassy in Ukraine, where it was clarified that this allegation is unfounded.

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The specific post alleges that Rinkevics received a counterfeit award, citing a 2019 article from Ukrainian media as evidence for this claim.

The embassy clarified to “Delfi” that in Ukraine, there exists a National Awards Council, comprised of several public organizations, which administers its own memorial award. This award is bestowed for contributions to Ukraine or for supporting the country. Importantly, it is not a state award.

Awarding memorial awards by public organizations is a customary practice in Ukraine. In this particular instance, it can be viewed as a gesture of goodwill initiated by the Honorary Consul of Latvia.

“The embassy contacted Pavel Ciganuk by phone, who, on November 25, presented the aforementioned memorial award to the President on behalf of the National Awards Council at the premises of the Latvian embassy. Pavel Ciganuk informed that in 2015, another parallel organization was established under the name of this memorial award. This new entity challenges the authority of the National Awards Council, which consists of clusters of public organizations, by claiming sole entitlement to present this memorial award,” the embassy explained.

The diplomats also stated that Latvia does not intervene in the internal dynamics of relations between organizations.

“Russian propaganda outlets exploit various opportunities for information manipulation, as seen in this instance, where disputes arise between different public organizations regarding the rights to utilize the name and design of specific badges of honor,” reiterated the representatives of Latvian interests.

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