Fact Check: AI-generated nude pictures of Swift flood ‘X’ but singer has not commented on them

Over the past week, the social network “X” has been inundated with nude images of the renowned singer Taylor Swift, purportedly generated with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Despite numerous claims from popular “X” accounts suggesting that Swift intends to take legal action against either the account owners who posted the images or the platform itself, Swift has not commented on the incident at all, as confirmed by “Delfi”.

The AI-generated pictures of Swift on “X” have been circulating virally for the past few weeks, as evidenced from the significant number of likes and retweets they have garnered. However, on Tuesday, January 30, “X” imposed restrictions on searches related to Swift in an effort to curb further spreading.

However, several popular “X” accounts, including “Dexerto,” allege that Swift intends to file a lawsuit against “X” concerning the distribution of the images.

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It’s crucial to note that neither Swift nor her legal representatives have offered any statements regarding the incident, as confirmed by “Delfi.” Additionally, the “Dexerto” account, known for disseminating unverified and often misleading information, should be approached with caution.

Indeed, the advancement of artificial intelligence has led to images that closely resemble real photographs. Consequently, more disinformation experts are urging people to critically evaluate images found online, especially when they appear too unbelievable.

This case has also impacted the “X” sphere in Latvia, serving as an example of celebrities combating misinformation generated by artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, the proliferation of such content also leads to the spread of misinformation.

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