Teaching Media Literacy Through Podcasting

As educators continually seek effective ways to teach media literacy, we introduce the University of Tartu Associate Professor of Media Studies Maria Murumaa-Mengel’s “Media in the Era of Disinformation” coursework that encourages students to actively learn by creating podcasts on media-related topics. This innovative approach deepens students’ understanding of media literacy and hone their research, critical thinking, and communication skills. 

🎙 “CTRL+ALT+MEDIA” Podcast: A Learning Tool

The creation of the “CTRL+ALT+MEDIA” podcast exemplifies this educational strategy. Students delve into various aspects of media literacy, fostering a richer comprehension of the subject. This initiative isn’t just about discussing media literacy; it’s about experiencing and applying it in real-world contexts.

🌐 Empowering Students Through Collaboration

The project brings together students from various European backgrounds at the University of Tartu. This diversity enriches the podcast, ensuring multiple viewpoints and experiences are represented. 

🧠 The Impact of Hands-On Learning

By participating in the podcast, students gain real-world experience in media production, an invaluable skill in today’s digital landscape. It also allows them to critically engage with media, an essential skill in discerning truth in an age of misinformation.

🔄 Encouraging Educators to Innovate

The success of “CTRL+ALT+MEDIA” is a compelling case for educators to adopt similar hands-on, collaborative learning experiences. It demonstrates how integrating practical projects into the curriculum can make learning more dynamic, relevant, and engaging.

In conclusion, the “CTRL+ALT+MEDIA” podcast at the University of Tartu is a testament to innovative teaching and a beacon for educators. It exemplifies how creative approaches in education can effectively equip students with crucial 21st-century skills, encouraging educators to reimagine the learning process.