Who Is Spreading LGBT+ Disinformation in the Baltics? (January 2024)


Who Is Spreading LGBT+ Disinformation in the Baltics?
January 2024
Ronalds Siliņš (Re:Baltica), Evita Puriņa (Re:Baltica)
Part of D2.5 of the EU-funded project with the ID 118471, coordinated by the University of Tartu (UTARTU).

In May 2023, the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) which collects the trends all over the EU, reported that LGBT+ issues are one of the most popular and persistent topics of disinformation. Most narratives about the traditional family, which supposedly is under attack, are also relevant in the Baltics.

In Latvia, this time it resurfaced due to two legislative initiatives. Latvia was one of the last EU countries to adopt any sort of framework for civil partnership. Also, after many years of discussions it ratified the Istanbul Convention which aims to prevent violence against women.

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