Intergenerational training to improve the digital competence of young people and the elderly


Deliverable 4.3 for the project with the ID 118471, coordinated by the University of Tartu (UTARTU). Lead of T4.3: Baltic Centre of Media Excellence (BCME). Participants: UTARTU, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Vytautas Magnus University.

Lāsma Antoneviča | Project Manager (BCME)

Inger Klesment | Specialist for BECID Communication and Media Competence (UTARTU)

Latvia: “Digitally Together!” Initiative

The T4.3 activity in Latvia, building on the Estonian pilot project “Digimentor,” launched the “Digitally Together!” campaign focused on intergenerational learning. Over 50 young Digimentors were trained and engaged older adults through social media groups, fostering digital literacy and media skills. The program, conducted online on November 24-25, 2023, covered topics like managing digital environments and bridging the digital divide. The campaign concluded with a forum on December 14, 2023, featuring regional experts discussing intergenerational cooperation. A dedicated section on the Delfi LV news portal reached over 25,000 visitors, promoting digital literacy across age groups.

Estonia: Digimentor Project

Running from September 2023 to May 2024, the Estonian Digimentor project, supported by Telia, involved high school students conducting 36 workshops for older adults. Topics ranged from artificial intelligence to internet safety, engaging over 150 participants. Practical sessions and manageable group sizes were emphasized to enhance learning. Additionally, the project included informational materials and participation in senior-targeted events, encouraging informed societal participation and digital awareness.

Insights and Recommendations

Both projects highlighted the effectiveness of practical, hands-on learning and the importance of patience and clear communication. Engaging youth as mentors was crucial, offering mutual skill development benefits. Future expansions should leverage day centers and schools, improve marketing strategies, and consider a nominal participation fee for a serious commitment.