Re:Baltica is a non-profit organization that produces investigative journalism and fact-checking in the Baltic region, with a focus on disinformation. Since 2012, they have focused on analyzing disinformation originating in Russia and on tracking trends, sources, and super-spreaders in the lead up to elections. In 2019, they established a fact-checking unit called “Re:Check,” which publishes regular fact-checks in Latvian and Russian and is IFCN certified. In 2020, Re:Check partnered with Facebook as a third-party fact-checker to combat disinformation related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Re:Baltica raises funds through donations, grants, and its own economic activity, which includes providing fact-checking services to Facebook and teaching, lecturing, and research for documentary production. Their annual budget is around 300,000 euros, and their work is available for free republishing and is accessible without a paywall in Latvian, Russian, and English.

Representatives: Sanita Jemberga, Evita Purina.