Delfi Uzdaroji Akcine Bendrove (DELFI UAB; Lithuania)

DELFI UAB runs an online news outlet, is an official media partner of Facebook’s third-party fact checking program and its fact-checking project The Lie Detector (Melo detektorius in Lithuanian) is IFCN certified. Melo detektorius publishes fact checks assessing the validity of various claims and popular myths. In 2021 alone, fact checkers published over 500 articles in Lithuanian and Russian that debunk outrageous claims circulating online. Another project, Debunk (Demaskuok in Lithuanian) was officially founded in 2018 after it secured funding from Google DNI Fund and Delfi Lithuania. Debunk relies on an AI-based disinformation detection tool that was developed in DELFI UAB and is able to detect emerging disinformation campaigns 2 minutes from their publication. The project has a separate articles’ section under the same name where journalists debunk pre-orchestrated, mostly Kremlin-related disinformation campaigns.

Representatives: Ieva Ivanauskaitė, Aistė Meidutė.