Akciju Sabiedriba Delfi (AS Delfi, Latvia)

AS Delfi is a national media organization – the leading news portal in Latvia. Monthly readership is 833 thousand according to January 2022 figures from a media audience survey by the research company Gemius. For many years now, AS Delfi has been the online media source with the largest audience in Latvia, as well as the leading media source on social media. AS Delfi is a three-time winner of the Most Influential Media Source on Social Media award (in 2015, 2016 and 2017), and two-time winner of the favourite media brand in Latvia (2020 and 2021). AS Delfi’s Facebook page has the highest number of followers for a Latvian-language media source: 160,891. AS Delfi employs 81 editors and journalists who create written, video and audio content in Latvian and Russian on both political and lifestyle topics. The subscription-based AS Delfi Plus, offering analysis and extended content, was founded in 2019, and as of January 2022 it has 12,100 active subscribers, which is the leading number of digital subscriptions in Latvia, and proves the status of trustful media brand. AS Delfi is a member of the Latvian Media Ethics Council. Several AS Delfi journalists are members of the Latvian Association of Journalists. Since 2020 AS Delfi has established the special category “Atmaskots” (Debunked) for publishing the fact-checking materials and other content that fights disinformation.In late 2021 AS Delfi became IFCN certified fact-checkers.

Representatives: Filips Lastovskis.