Maia Klaassen joins Guarini Institute’s first roundtable of the year

On January 29th, the coordinator of BECID, Maia Klaassen, is set to participate in the Guarini Institute’s first roundtable discussion of the year titled “Balkans, Baltics, Budapest: Views on Current Wars”. The event will focus on the profound impact of two ongoing wars – the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Hamas-Israel conflict. Federigo Argentieri, the director of the Guarini Institute, will moderate the discussion, underlining the Institute’s commitment to kick off the year with a thoughtful exploration of pressing global issues.

The distinguished panel also features Zsuzsanna Szelényi, founding director of the CEU Democracy Institute Leadership Academy and a renowned foreign policy specialist. Szelényi is acknowledged for her extensive work in conflict regions and is currently researching the influence of autocratization on the future of the European Union.

Adding to the expertise, Ognen Vangelov, Ph.D. holder in Political Studies from Queen’s University, will contribute to the discussion. His acclaimed dissertation, “Autocratization of Parliamentary Democracies: The Case of Hungary and Macedonia,” underscores his exceptional academic achievements.

The event anticipates a deep dive into crucial geopolitical issues, offering attendees a unique opportunity to gain insights from leading experts. Registration is mandatory to attend: to participate online, visit the link here.