University of Tartu Media Club Project Enhances Youth Media Literacy Ahead of European Parliament Elections

Starting in March, the University of Tartu’s Institute of Social Sciences launched a Media Club project. University of Tartu students organized 140 workshops to develop digital media skills in kindergartens and grades 1-9 across Estonia by the end of May.

Explore playful lesson plans for grades 1-4 here.

As a result of the project, the number of schoolchildren in Estonia who can see the bigger picture in European Parliament elections and better analyze information circulating on social media increased.

Educational institutions consider this topic extremely important. “All 140 workshops were booked within the first five hours after the registration link was sent out,” said the project’s manager Inger Klesment. Thus, during this academic year, the Media Club reached classes in 19 different schools across six counties and one kindergarten, training over a thousand children and young people. The workshops were conducted by University of Tartu undergraduate students Karmen Laur, Kerttu Kuku, Merilin Miks, Raili Randmäe, and Katriin Kersen. The five students’ fields of study range widely, from biology and political science to youth and social work.

Project manager Gretel Juhansoo explained that the multifaceted student network is crucial for conducting this year’s workshops and ensuring the sustainability of media education. “The members of the Media Club are truly enthusiastic young people united by either a personal or professional interest in media,” she said. “We hope that through mutual communication and mentor support, students will find the motivation to cultivate the knowledge and skills acquired during the project in the future as well!”

The Media Club project is funded by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Estonia.

Schools that were visited during the project:

Viluste Põhikool
Jõgeva Põhikool
Kõrveküla Põhikool
Osula Põhikool
Vastseliina Gümnaasium
Väätsa Põhikool
Räpina Ühisgümnaasium
Põlva Kool
Krootuse Põhikool
Saverna Põhikool
Elva Gümnaasium
Tõrva Gümnaasium
Mehikoorma Põhikool
Juhan Liivi nimeline Alatskivi Kool
Valga Põhikool
C. R. Jakobsoni nimeline Torma Põhikool
Suure-Jaani lasteaia Traksiku ja Sipsiku majad
Nõo Põhikool 
Luunja Keskkool