We aim to be the centre for the development and management of a long-term evidence-based strategy for MIL in the Baltic Sea region.



Our main mission is to provide specific knowledge of local information environments so as to strengthen the detection and analysis of disinformation campaigns, improve public awareness, and design effective responses for national audiences.

Principles of our Approach

Our approach to combating disinformation involves conducting a thorough analysis of the various actors, vectors, tools, and methods used in disinformation campaigns. We also examine the dissemination dynamics and prioritized targets of these campaigns. With this information, we are able to identify the specific needs of a given territory or linguistic area and develop customized media literacy campaigns to address them. In addition to this work, we also collaborate with the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) to share best practices and contribute to their repositories of fact-checks, media literacy materials, and scientific articles. We use materials from the EDMO platform and also share our own educational and training materials to further the fight against disinformation.