Greta Thunberg is not advocating for “nature-friendly” rockets

(Source: AP/Scanpix/LETA)

Karlis Arajs, Delfi national news editor

Published on 24th of October, 2023.

Fact check: Greta Thunberg is not advocating for “nature-friendly” rockets

Over the past few days, a video circulating on the social network “X” (formerly “Twitter”) purportedly showing climate activist Greta Thunberg advocating for armies to use missiles made of “biodegradable” materials has garnered significant attention. However, “Delfi” has verified that the video in question has been doctored, utilizing an interview that is nearly one year old.

In the video Thunberg allegedly says that armies should use sustainable battery powered tanks and fighter jets.

Even though the video contains the word “satire,” it still managed to capture the attention of climate skeptics, who removed the “satire” watermark before sharing it further.

The video in question was excerpted from an interview Greta Thunberg gave to the BBC approximately a year ago, in which she discussed her motivations for becoming a climate activist. It is important to note that nowhere in this original interview did Thunberg mention the concepts that are presented in the doctored version.

Full video can be seen here.

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